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"After my mum passed away, I shut myself out from the world. I was recommended to Stephen who has helped me embrace my emotions and not be ashamed to be grieving"

– Jasmin

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"Stephen helped me overcome my severe anxiety - basic things used to be such a struggle but I now feel like I'm able to cope and live my life again"

– Craig

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"The sessions I had with Stephen makes me feel like a new person. With Stephen I felt like someone was actually listening to my issues without judging me."

– Lesley

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We need to become more familiar with what is going on inside us; we must learn to recognise our feelings & motivations.

I will invite you to consider whether or not current coping mechanisms and thought processes, perhaps necessary in the past, are serving you well today. Although we are never free from the influences of the past, we can work to minimise them through conscious exploration, insight, and attempting to adopt more positive behaviours and ways of thinking. We will also question the whispering critical voice which overlays your actions.

Fundamentally, we will be working together to help you to achieve control and inner peace in your life.

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